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Solitude #1

Sound and movement both shifted between a blur and distinction, like a camera lens zooming in and out.

Crickets, wind, grass, quiet field sound was deafening. At once cacophonous and sweet. Then human sound, a power tool, sliced through the chaos rendering it suddenly fragile. But I was wrong, a human projection, the sweet deafening resumed full throttle, content to be so loud it could disappear. Sound became speed, and texture, and touch.

Motion was constantly multiplying. Chaos again. Organized but totally unpredictable. Speed again. Things that look so slow, are so fast. Or tranquility doesn’t have to be slow. Again, I zoomed in and out.

Dancing I tried to be everything and just one thing. I found the world is much too complex for my little body. Content to just be another element of motion and sound. Everything moving around and through me.

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